How do I setup my Slingshot Broadband connection?

How do I setup my Slingshot broadband connection First, make sure you have the following: A modem/router (if you don't have a Slingshot-supplied modem/

Slingshot broadband speed test

Does Slingshot have a broadband speed test? Our speed test is the most accurate way to measure the performance of your Slingshot broadband. We encourage

My broadband isn't working!

If anything weird is going on with your broadband connection, the best place to check for issues is your router. Here's a selection of our best

How to configure your non-Slingshot-supplied modem/router

How do I configure my own modem to work with my new Slingshot broadband connection? If you have a Slingshot-supplied modem/router, please click here.

What to do when your Wi-Fi is slow?

  OptimizingTroubleshootingSlow Wi-fiDisconnectionsDrastic MeasuresWi-fi range extendersPowerlinePurchasing a new Modem  Wi-Fi networking has

What is the difference between Kilobits and Kilobytes?

A kilobit is one thousand bits (a bit is the smallest measurement of data for telecommunications). Slingshot usually uses the term "kilobits per

How to change the login details for your NetComm router

Changing the default login details for your NetComm router will help increase the security of your Internet connection by using a password that only you

What are the terms and conditions of my broadband term contract?

When you signed up with us you would've been asked to commit to a contract. This means that you have agreed to remain a Slingshot broadband customer

Changing the 'Routing -- Default Gateway' in your NetComm modem/router

We've noticed that some customers have an incorrect "routing" set up in their NetComm router - this might cause issues browsing the '

What is PPPoE/PPPoA, and what's the difference between the two?

PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) and PPPoA (Point to Point Protocol over ATM) are two methods that Internet Service Providers use to deliver

How do I find the MAC address for my router?

A Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique address for networked devices, based on the hardware of the device. To find the MAC

What is a data block?

What happens when I reach my broadband data limit for the month? Fixed-line broadband customers are given a monthly allowance of data that can be used to

What is Rollover Data?

Rollover Data is an easy way to keep your unused data for use in later months. Any of your monthly data allowance that is left over at the end of your

Family Filter FAQs

What is Family Filter?  Family Filter provides a non-intrusive first line of defence for your home against the more unsavoury corners of the internet.

What speeds can I expect from Slingshot ADSL Broadband?

On our website, we talk about high-speed broadband plans. High-speed means that we do not put a limit on the speed of your connection - it's

How do I troubleshoot my Slingshot broadband connection?

The very first thing you should do is turn your modem off and then on again - it's surprising how often this will re-establish your broadband

What is an IP address?

An Internet Protocol address helps to identify devices on a network - for example, the Internet. Each device needs to have a unique address -

Will I be able to check my monthly broadband data usage?

Yes, you can view your online usage through Visibill and the My Account section of the Slingshot website. You will also be sent email

Broadband connection types

Which broadband connection type is best for me?  Connection only: FREEThis connection type should be sufficient if you have less than 5 active jack

How do I change to Naked Broadband

As Naked Broadband is a slightly different service to your usual broadband plan, you’ll need to upgrade your account via the signup form on our 

Can I have a static IP address with Slingshot Broadband?

Yes we are able to supply static IP addresses on Slingshot Broadband upon request. If you wish to do this please contact us on 0800 89 2027. An

What happens during broadband installation?

  Step 1: We ask Chorus to connect your premise to the broadband network.Step 2: Chorus checks to see if they can connect you.Step 3: Chorus enables

My Fibre has just been connected but there's been a problem

That’s ok – we’re here to help. My modem is online but I don’t know how to set up my WiFi. Click here for instructions on how to

Do you support IPv6?

We support Dynamic IPv6 on most access types. We currently only support Dynamic /56 prefix allocations.

What is "FREE Off-peak"?

"Off-peak data" refers to a period of time where you can download or browse the Internet, and the data that you use will not count towards your

Do I need a homeline for broadband?

An active homeline is required for a broadband connection. In the case of Naked Broadband, we will remove the homeline after the broadband has

How long will it take to get Slingshot broadband?

This depends on where you live, but it usually takes 6-10 days for a new connection to Slingshot broadband. If applicable you must pay any installation

When will my modem/router be delivered?

We aim to have your modem couriered prior to your broadband connection becoming active. This means we can give you a more precise date of delivery once we

Do I need line filters for my Slingshot broadband?

In most cases, yes. You need a line filter in every phone jack that is being used in your house. The only exception to this is your broadband modem. If

Connecting your iPad 2 to a wireless network

Connecting your iPad 2 to your wireless network for the first time is a straightforward process. Step-by-step guide  Open Settings (the cog icon)

Bandwidth, data caps, and p2p explained

BandwidthA great way to think about bandwidth is to liken it to a toll motorway. Bandwidth is the width of this motorway, which determines how much

What is data banking?

Data banking means that when you purchase additional data for your broadband the unused portion of the data block at the end of your billing period will

Is Slingshot Broadband available at my address ?

Probably! Slingshot broadband is available almost anywhere but if you want to be super certain then just click the "Check Availability" button

What is a virus?

A computer virus is a program that attaches itself to another program on your computer. When the infected program is used, the virus is able to then run

Broadband and phone calls?

Will broadband affect my phone?  The best thing about broadband is being connected to the Internet 24/7 and having your phone line freed up. You can

How do I perform a trace route?

The following test can be helpful in diagnosing problems such as very slow Internet traffic or none at all. Connect to the internet using your Slingshot

Do Slingshot support VPNs?

While our technical support team will not be able to walk you through setting up your VPN, there should be no issues with your chosen VPN service working

How do I see how much Broadband data I've used?

You can find all this and more through our My Account section. For instructions on how to log in click here. On the left hand side of the page you will

Can I turn interleaving on or off for my broadband connection?

In short, yes you can! This is done via the My Account section of the Slingshot website.   Please be aware of the following:Having

Clearing cookies: Google Chrome

Why do I want to clear my browser's cookies?Over time, your browser will accumulate more and more cookies. This can take up space on your computer,

Tips for staying safe online

Always run trustworthy and up-to-date antivirus softwareThis is essential to keep your home computer free of viruses and malware. Remember

Will there be any outages when moving to Slingshot's broadband service?

Yes, some customers may experience an brief outage. This is generally due to the broadband service being supplied by Slingshot now instead of your

Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011

You may have heard that the Government has passed a law called the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011. This law allows the owners

Which broadband plan should I choose?

The plan you select depends on how much information you download or transfer each month. You need to determine how much data you require each month and

Monitored alarm and broadband

Does a monitored alarm affect broadband?   Yes. If you have an active monitored alarm in your house, you will require the Connection &

What do the broadband data allowances mean?

Your broadband usage isn't based on the length of time that you're connected, rather it's the amount of data uploaded and downloaded. Data

Does Slingshot offer any broadband plans with unlimited data caps?

Yes we do have unlimited broadband plans - please see our website for all the information on these plans.  

Do you sell Naked DSL?

Do you sell Naked DSL? Yes we do! It's called Naked Broadband To learn more about Naked Broadband, please visit our website.    

How does Slingshot manage its network?

Here at Slingshot, we spend a lot of time looking after our broadband network. This is to ensure the best possible experience for all our customers.

Will I get any charges from Spark on my Slingshot Broadband account?

You will not get charged for any part of the broadband service from Spark. However, if you choose to keep your homeline rental with Spark, they will

Do you publish a security vulnerability disclosure policy?

Our policy is based on the NZITF Disclosure Guidelines.   Policy We are committed to protecting our community and users. If you are a security expert

Do you tell people how many requests for information for customer data you get from government agencies (including ‘Privacy Act 11E’ requests?)

Currently we report on Copyright Acts requests annually (on our website). We don’t publish an in-depth report into other requests. That’s not

Clearing cache: Google Chrome

What is a browser's cache?While you browse the Internet, your browser stores all sorts of different information in a cache. This information can

Clearing cache - Internet Explorer

What is a browser's cache?While you browse the Internet, your browser stores all sorts of different information in a cache. This information can

Do you use the DIA’s Digital Child Exploitation Filter

We don’t currently, no. We fully support the filter's intention, which is to prevent people accessing child exploitation material on the

Clearing cache: Mozilla Firefox

What is a browser's cache? While you browse the Internet, your browser stores all sorts of different information in a cache. This information can

Clearing cookies: Internet Explorer

Why do I want to clear my browser's cookies? Over time, your browser will accumulate more and more cookies. This can take up space on your computer,

Clearing cookies: Mozilla Firefox

Why do I want to clear my browser's cookies?Over time, your browser will accumulate more and more cookies. This can take up space on your computer,