What is a data block?

What happens when I reach my broadband data limit for the month?

Fixed-line broadband customers are given a monthly allowance of data that can be used to download and upload information from/to the Internet.

When you reach 75% of your monthly data allowance, we will send you notification via email to let you know that you're approaching your monthly limit and that you can either buy a 'data block' or have your connection speed slowed to dial-up speeds.

By default, if you reach 100% of your data allowance a 2GB data block will be added to your account at a cost of $5. This is so that you can continue to browse the Internet at your usual speeds!

A data block is like an extension to your monthly data allowance. You can choose the size of the data block you wish to purchase - and the best thing is that any data (from the data block) that you don't use before the end of your bill cycle will simply roll over to next month! Any data that is rolled over will expire after 12 months if you don't use it all up.




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