What do the broadband data allowances mean?

Your broadband usage isn't based on the length of time that you're connected, rather it's the amount of data uploaded and downloaded. Data usage is generally measured in gigabytes (GB) and refers to any form of data that is either sent or received on your connection. This includes the downloading of web pages, sending and receiving email, file sharing, and live streaming. One gigabyte is equal to 1024 megabytes (MB).

One gigabyte is approximately the equivalent to:

  • Visiting 8,500 web pages, or
  • Watching videos on YouTube for approximately 13 hours, or
  • Downloading 200 3-minute music files, or
  • Sending 204,800 text-only emails or sending 280 high-resolution pictures via email, or
  • Talking on your iTalk line (VoIP) for 120 hours

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