What are the terms and conditions of my broadband term contract?

When you signed up with us you would've been asked to commit to a contract. This means that you have agreed to remain a Slingshot broadband customer for a minimum of 12 months or more. The contract begins the day you are billed for your first month of broadband access.

You can change your data allowance at any time without any effect on your contract.

If you cancel your broadband account prior to the conclusion of the contract term, you will be charged an early termination fee of $199 - $250 , depending on what type of broadband you have at your home.

When moving house or your phone line, you will not be charged early termination fees when you sign into a 12 month contract, The only exception is if the address you move to has fibre available, and you choose to select ADSL or VDSL instead.

To see our move fees, click here.


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