How to configure your non-Slingshot-supplied modem/router

How do I configure my own modem to work with my new Slingshot broadband connection?

If you have a Slingshot-supplied modem/router, please click here.

Our Technical Support team can help you with your modem only if it was supplied by Slingshot. If you have a modem that was not supplied by Slingshot, you'll need to know the following information:

  • Slingshot broadband username & password.
  • The default IP address for your modem (If you don't know this, please check the list below for the manufacturer of your modem).
  • The username & password to login to your modem (Again, if you don't know this, check the user manual for your modem, or get in touch with the manufacturer).


You may also need some more technical settings for your modem. It's difficult for us to be really specific here, because the location will be different dependent on the modem you're using. The information is:

  • VPI = 0
  • VCI = 100
  • The protocol needs to be PPPoA with VC multiplexed encapsulation (VC-MUX)
  • If you need the Slingshot DNS, click here.


You'll need to get in touch with the company that made your modem (look for a brand name on your modem) of your type of modem for instructions on how to configure their modem. Some common modem vendors are listed below:

If you are not able to configure your non Slingshot-supplied modem with the help of the vendor, please call us on 0800 89 2027 and we'll see what we can do to help.


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