How do I troubleshoot my Slingshot broadband connection?

The very first thing you should do is turn your modem off and then on again - it's surprising how often this will re-establish your broadband connection!

If that doesn't help, try the following:

Can you still make phone calls?

If you can't, then there may be a problem with your phone line. If your homeline is not with Slingshot, you'll need to call your provider.

If you have a Slingshot homeline, please call us on 0800 89 2027.

Now, has the connection ever worked?

If the connection is new, check the modem is properly configured/installed by consulting either the manual or contacting the modem manufacturers' support line. If you have a Dynalink or NetComm router supplied by Slingshot, you should have received instructions on how to configure it in the modem box. Below are the phone numbers for some of the major manufacturers:


If you have a different modem/router or you aren't sure what kind of modem/router you have then locate the Telepermit sticker, normally found on the underside of equipment. Alternatively, look up the number in the Telepermit list here to find the company that supports your modem/router in New Zealand.

Was the connection fully installed by a technician from Telecom or a 'self install' using filters?

If it was a self install - ensure there are filters connected to each phone or fax device and no filter connected to the modem itself. Try performing what we call an Isolation Test - this is where you unplug everything from all phone jacks in your house, and test your ADSL modem in each phone jack. If you're not able to establish a connection with your modem on any of your phone jacks then it could be the phone jack or the line itself that is causing the issue.


If you'd like to configure your modem, please click here.


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