How do I perform a trace route?

The following test can be helpful in diagnosing problems such as very slow Internet traffic or none at all.

  • Connect to the internet using your Slingshot username.
  • Click on 'Start' > 'Run' > 'cmd' in the 'Open' field, then click 'OK'

  • A black window will appear with a flashing white cursor at this cursor type the following command: 'tracert' then press the 'Enter' key.
You may be asked to trace route to another IP address or server name depending on the issue experienced. In these cases, please replace with the requested address.

How to copy and paste text from the DOS window.

Instead of writing down the results the following can be done instead.
  • Right click on the 'title bar' of the black DOS window.
  • Select 'Edit' > 'Mark'
  • You can now highlight the text you require to copy the same way as Word document by holding down and dragging the mouse across the area you wish to copy.
  • Once the desired area has been highlighted hit the 'Enter' key. This will copy the text into the windows clipboard.
  • Next open a new E-mail or Notepad document then hold down 'Ctrl' whilst pressing 'V'. This will paste the text into the document.
  • Type the command 'exit'  and press the Enter key to close the DOS window.


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