Broadband connection types

Which broadband connection type is best for me?


Connection only: FREE

This connection type should be sufficient if you have less than 5 active jack points in your house, and don't have a monitored alarm connected to your home phone line.

A line filter will be required in all active phone jacks in the house. All modems supplied by Slingshot include one line filter that can be used for one jack point.

Connection and Wiring: $153

This option may be required in some cases due to the wiring in your house, distance from the phone exchange, or other factors beyond Slingshot's control. With this option a Chorus technician will come to your home and separate the phone line from the broadband line, giving you a dedicated broadband line connected to a single jack point in your property. The installer will not configure your modem, but everything else will be set up and ready to go.


Choose this option if you have more than 5 phone lines in use or a monitored home alarm.


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