Slingshot Webmail: log in and log out

This article will show you how to log in and out of Slingshot Webmail. Logging in to Slingshot WebmailLogging in to Slingshot Webmail hasn't changed -

How to set up Slingshot email on your computer or device

Select your applicationFirstly, you need to identify which program you're trying to use to access your email. Common programs include Microsoft

Slingshot Webmail

Here you will find some of our most common questions regarding the Slingshot Webmail portal.   How do I log in to Slingshot Webmail?How do I log out

Email troubleshooting

Use this page for some of the common email queries! SetupSlingshot WebmailSetting up Slingshot emailGeneral queriesHow do I add additional email addresses?

What is POP and what is IMAP?

What is the difference between POP and IMAP? POP and IMAP are different methods of allowing a mail program (like Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live

How many email addresses can I have with Slingshot?

With a Slingshot Internet connection, you can have up to 5 free email accounts. These each have a 1 GB inbox. To add an extra email account, simply 

Woosh Email

What is Happening?   This week Woosh went into voluntary administration. In a nutshell, this means that the business is likely to be sold, and some

I'm not getting emails from Slingshot, how do I fix this?

Some email providers (particularly Gmail we've noticed) can occasionally run into issues receiving emails from the team at Slingshot and end up

I’ve received a message saying my IP has been blacklisted when trying to send an email, what do I do?

This can happen when your mail account has been compromised and a spammer has gained access to your account. Once an account has been identified as

Slingshot Webmail: Forwarding

If you have multiple email accounts, it is often a good idea to forward your extra addresses through to one main account. If you would like to forward

Slingshot Webmail: Storage

All your email accounts with Slingshot come with a generous 1 GB of storage space!   You can easily see how much space you are using by looking at

Slingshot Webmail: Filtering

Email filtering is the automatic processing of email to organise it according to your needs. You need to 'teach' your Webmail account to process

Slingshot Webmail: deleting emails

Deleting emails is simple! First of all, you need to click on the email you'd like to delete. Then click on the Delete button in the menu bar above

Slingshot Webmail: Automatically mark emails as spam

To automatically move mail to a folder, you need to create a filter. You can either do this from the Settings menu, or from your Inbox. If you'd like

What is SSL

Secure Socket Layer is an international and industry-wide encryption method. It's a very secure way to connect to an email server. Just

I keep getting emails I am trying to send returned saying our IP provider is on a blacklist.

This can happen when the people who host the email address of the person you’re trying to send to (say, for example) receive a large

What is phishing and how do I protect myself against it?

It is possible to receive emails that look authentic and that link to authentic-looking websites but are actually faked (this is called spoofing). These

How to transfer your contacts from Woosh to Slingshot webmail

This guide will walk you through the steps to transfer your contacts from your Woosh webmail to your new Slingshot webmail. For more information about

How to transfer your contacts from Slingshot Webmail to Outlook

If you're looking to transfer your emails from Slingshot Webmail to Outlook (or another mail client) then you've come to the right place!  

How do I back up my emails in Outlook?

Backing up your email can be a good practice to get in to if you have emails between friends, family, or co-workers that are too important to risk losing.

Slingshot Webmail: Creating a Contacts List

Contacts Lists are a convenient way of emailing multiple people at the same time. Many people use contacts lists so that they can email their family, or

Slingshot Webmail: Automatically display images

How do I automatically display images in emails that are sent to me? First of all, log in to your Webmail (click here if you need to learn how to do

Slingshot Webmail: Attaching a file

If you'd like to attach a file to an email, first of all you'll need to create a new email. Click on the Compose button in the top menu.

Slingshot Webmail: features

What features are available in Slingshot Webmail?   Slingshot Webmail is a full-featured product, and includes the following features: MailEmail

Slingshot Webmail: Changing the order of your Contacts list

How do I change the order of my Contacts list? Some people prefer to have their contacts listed by surname, others by first name. To set your preferred

Slingshot Webmail: Out of Office auto response

How do I set an out-of-office auto-response on Slingshot Webmail? First of all, log in to your Webmail (click here if you need to learn how to do

How to display your old Woosh sub-folders in Slingshot Webmail

If you've recently been contacted about your Woosh emails and you notice that some of your old folders are missing then this article may be of use to

How do I back up my contacts in Outlook

If you're looking to back up your email contacts then you've come to the right place! This guide was written with Outlook 2013 in mind but most

Slingshot Webmail: the preview pane

How do I use the preview pane in Slingshot webmail? The preview pane is used to display the contents of an email in the same window as your Inbox. This is

Slingshot Webmail: Creating a calendar event

Creating a calendar event is easy! First of all, you'll need to log in to Slingshot Webmail  Once you're logged in, click on the Calendar