How to set up Slingshot email on your computer or device

Select your application

Firstly, you need to identify which program you're trying to use to access your email. Common programs include Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Mac Mail.

Each program has its own special way of setting it up. They often share common steps, and the specifics can differ just enough that the steps for setting up on one won't help you with the other.

Check out the list of different Operating Systems and programs you can use to access your email. Each is a link to the instructions provided for that program by the manufacturer.

Once you've selected the application you're using, take a look at the default Slingshot email settings below.

Outlook 2013

Outlook 2010

Outlook 2007

Mail for Windows 8

Windows Live Mail

Outlook Express


iOS - iPhone and iPad

Android - Phone or Tablet

Windows Phone



Email Settings

Enter the appropriate settings as they appear below:

Username: This will generally be the first part of your email address before the @ symbol. For example, if your email address was your username would be joepatel.
Password: Your Slingshot password
Name: This is your name as you want it to appear when people receive emails from you. Normally your first and last name is just fine, or if you like you can use an alias, or just your email address. If you change your mind later, it can be changed fairly easily.
Email Address: Some email setups ask for your email address. Just enter it as your full Slingshot email address, including the


Server settings:

  Server namePort with SSLPort without SSL
Incoming Server
Outgoing Server


If you're uncertain on the difference between POP and IMAP, check out this article: What is POP and what is IMAP? We also have an article on SSL if you're interested.


[Note] Slingshot no longer provide a email service to new customers.

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