Slingshot Webmail: log in and log out

This article will show you how to log in and out of Slingshot Webmail.

Logging in to Slingshot Webmail

Logging in to Slingshot Webmail hasn't changed - you can still log in from either:

If you're logging in via the direct link, you'll see this screen:



All you need to do is enter your username (the bit before the and password (and not be a robot!)


Why we have reCAPTCHA

We've added the reCAPTCHA service to the login section of our email platform to help protect your security. The service prevents automated systems from gaining access to your email account. That way your private information is kept private and you can avoid having nasties send lots of spam emails from your account (which, as well as being really annoying, can cause your email to become "Blacklisted" and you'll be unable to send anything at all!). 


Logging out of Slingshot Webmail

To log out of your Webmail, use the Logout button located at the top-right of your screen:



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