My land line phone is not working

The testing for a faulty phone connection is very similar to what you would do for a faulty broadband connection. The first thing you'll want to do is

What is my home phone number?

If you have forgotten your home phone number, simply pick up the handset and dial 1956 and listen! If 1956 doesn't work, try using 1957

Star Codes

You can do some pretty cool stuff with your iTalk or Slingshot Network homeline! Below is a list of "star codes" and their various effects.

Slingshot homeline

What is homeline rental and what does it give me?   Slingshot Homeline is a telephone connection for your house – and it works in exactly the

EasyPhone Features

  Better Voicemail:All the standard features of Voicemail, plus the ability to access it from just about any phone or Internet connectionLocate Me:

What is a calling pack?

Slingshot offers great value calling packs for Homeline to mobiles (any network), NZ landlines, Australia, UK, USA, and 50 other overseas destinations (

Slingshot Network Voicemail

Voicemail on Slingshot's Network is very similar to Call Minder on the Standard Network.   If a message has been left for you, when you pick up

What happens to my phone if my Fibre broadband isn’t working?

If you have a fibre broadband and homeline service with Slingshot your home phone will be reliant on your broadband connection being up and running.

Slingshot Voicemail - Standard Network

Using Voicemail for the Standard Network is easy - simply listen to the voice prompts and follow the instructions by pressing the keys on your phone. If

Slingshot tollfree

Can I have my own tollfree number? Yes you can. Slingshot can provide all our calling customers the option of a personal tollfree (0800/0508) number. A

Slingshot Wiring Insurance

What is Slingshot Wiring Insurance?Wiring insurance is an optional add-on to your Slingshot home line and broadband services. This covers the costs of

What are Smartcodes?

What are Smartcodes? Smartcodes are a FREE service from Slingshot which allow you to assign a 4-digit PIN to as many people as you want! Every time a toll

How do I change my listing in the phone book?

Send us an email with your account number and how you would like your listing to be displayed (or if you'd like it removed) to customerservice@team.

Can I keep my phone number if I move to Slingshot?

Yes, you can. If you're moving your homeline to us from another provider then you will keep the same phone line and subsequently the same

Can I change my home phone number?

Yes you can. There is usually a cost involved with changing your home phone number. Please contact us on 0800 89 2027 for more information on changing

What is the difference between Easyphone Features and Smartphone Features?

If you're connected to the Slingshot Network, then you will have access to our range of Easyphone features. If you're not connected to the

Benefits of a Slingshot homeline

It’s great value! Between $41 to $51 per month, depending on where you live. Call us on 0800 89 2027 to confirm your pricing.Your phone number stays

What are Smartphone features?

Smartphone features are extra services for your Slingshot homeline. See below Call Minder - $7.50 p/monthCall Minder acts like an answering machine and

Easyphone Call Privacy

You can enable Call Privacy on a per call basis or permanently, if you have access to the Slingshot EasyPhone features.    To activate this

Accessing Easyphone Better Voicemail

How do I access my Better Voicemail? Accessing your Better Voicemail  From an iTalk or home phone: Simply dial *55 from your phone to

How long does it take for a homeline to be set up?

Setting up your homeline with Slingshot can take up to 10 days.  

Does a Slingshot Homeline have a contract?

No! There is no contract associated with Slingshot Homeline or Tolls.  

How long does it take to transfer a number to Slingshot?

It usually takes up to 5 days to transfer a number from one company to Slingshot.  

Do I need to bring my calling over to Slingshot to get a homeline?

Yes, you are required to have your calling (tolls) with Slingshot.  

Can I have Homeline with Slingshot if I have broadband with somebody else on the same line?

Yes you can, although your broadband might be cancelled by your current provider.   We recommend that you contact your current broadband provider to

Will I still get a bill from Spark if I have a Slingshot homeline?

Not for your homeline, we'll handle that. You may still incur charges from Spark if you have additional services with them, such as mobile phone

What happens to old voicemails in my mailbox for my homeline?

Old voicemails will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time unless they're saved. This will help to ensure that your mailbox doesn'

How do I turn Slingshot Voicemail off?

If you'd like to cancel your Slingshot voicemail (and you're on the Spark re-sold network), all you need to do is call us on 0800 89 2027 and we

Will I get a separate number for fax?

If you have faxability with Slingshot then yes you will get two numbers - one number for your calling and one number for your fax line.   The