Can I keep my phone number if I move to Slingshot Mobile?

Yes absolutely – Your Slingshot SIM will be dispatched with a new number and your plan details already loaded onto it. Once it has been activated (

Can I get my Slingshot email on my mobile?

Yes you can - the instructions on how to do this will differ depending on the phone you have. You'll need to follow the steps in the instruction

Slingshot APN settings

Because Slingshot Mobile uses the Spark network, our APN settings are the same as Spark's! You will need to create these access points:   1) APN

I'm making a call from my mobile and I want to hide my number, how do I do this?

Easy - simply dial 0197 before the number you're calling.  

Can I call 0800 or 0508 numbers from my mobile?

Yes, 0800 & 0508 numbers are free-call numbers so there is no charge for making a call to them from your mobile. Please be aware that some companies

Slingshot Prepay Mobile FAQ

I have been charged twice for my pre-pay plan on the same invoice. Why?   This can be a little complicated to explain, so bear with us. Essentially

Does Slingshot Mobile have Global Roaming?

Does Slingshot mobile have Global Roaming?We sure do! We try to keep these rates as up to date as possible, but please be aware that roaming charges are

How do I purchase a mobile add-on?

Add-ons will show as a one off charge on the Slingshot invoice following their purchase and do not renew every month like your base plan does.   How

How do I connect my phone to my wireless network?

Not all phones are created equal but to save you some time we've put together instructions for connecting Android and Apple devices below:  

Global roaming - what do I need to do when I get overseas?

Nothing, simply turn on your phone and it will automatically search for a suitable GSM network to connect to in the new country. Please note this may

How do I cancel my mobile plan?

We're really sorry to hear that you're thinking about cancelling. If there's something that you think we could do better to help you to stay

Does Slingshot have a Mobile App?

We do! You can do anything from checking your balance to changing your plan and a whole bunch of things in between! How Can I Download it? You can search

How can I check my balance and usage on Slingshot mobile?

Slingshot mobile has a range of helpful ways you can track your remaining mobile minutes, data and cash allowances from your Slingshot Dollars add-ons.

Who supplies the Slingshot Mobile network?

Much like our broadband today, the raw service is bought from a wholesaler. For Slingshot Mobile, Spark is our wholesaler. It may show up as

Slingshot Mobile - new mobile numbers

If your first-ever mobile number is with Slingshot, then we will supply you with your own Slingshot Mobile number using the 0204 range.If you already have

How do I access voicemail on my Slingshot Mobile?

Accessing your voicemail from your prepay Slingshot mobile is free regardless of how long it takes. Please note that some customers on older post pay

Will I need a new SIM card if I move to Slingshot Mobile?

Yes you will, and when you sign up for Slingshot mobile, we'll send you one!  

I can't send a multimedia/MMS/PXT message.

You will need to ensure that your phone is capable of sending multimedia messages, and also that the phone you're sending the message to is capable of

My mobile coverage is poor

If you're not getting coverage in an area that you believe you should be, try turning your phone off and on again. This will force your phone to

Important steps needed to activate your SIM

Important steps you need to take to activate your SIM and number   Activate your new SIM by inserting it into your phone and calling 6886. If you

How do I make international calls on Slingshot mobile?

In order to make international calls on Slingshot mobile you will need to purchase the $15 Cash Allowance add-on, either online at

My phone doesn't take a SIM card. What can I do?

Slingshot Mobile is on the GSM network, which requires a SIM card. If your phone does not take a SIM card, you'll need to purchase a new handset that

I'm not receiving text messages

Before you call us, there's some basic troubleshooting you'll need to do: Firstly, get somebody to send you a test message - or even send an SMS

I already have an account with Slingshot. How do I add mobile?

If you are an existing Slingshot customer and would like to take advantage of the convenience of Slingshot mobile, then you can sign up for this at www.

Where do I find my phone's serial (IMEI) number?

Slingshot run our mobile services over Spark's mobile network. To check if your mobile handset is compatible with our services you'll need to grab

I've lost my SIM card, how can I get a new one?

Simply give us a ring on 0800 89 2027 and we'll have a new one sent out to you. Our SIMs are shipped from Auckland so if you live in the North Island

I've just received a huge bill for my roaming charges and I'm sure I didn't spend this much! How did this happen?

  Global roaming can be more expensive than you realise. You can check all the usage charges on your bill online via Visibill. Visibill will

How can I manage my mobile data on Slingshot Mobile?

Once you have used the included data in your Slingshot mobile plan you will not be able to exceed that limit or continue using the data connection unless

Information about the Slingshot post pay mobile decommission

Your Slingshot mobile service is provided over the Spark network. Spark is making some changes to the way they provide this service in early May which

How much does it cost to send a text message to an international phone?

Only NZ text messages are counted in your Slingshot mobile plans. In order to send text messages to a different international number you will need to

Does Slingshot mobile have contracts?

No, all current Slingshot Mobile plans are contract free. Some older Slingshot mobile customers who also received a handset from us may have a contract.

Can I call 0900 numbers from my mobile?

We automatically bar 0900 numbers on Slingshot Mobile accounts. If you need to call a 0900 number then you will need to use your landline, sorry.

What are Mobile Usage Alerts?

One of the great benefits of Slingshot mobile is that you have the price certainty of a prepay solution, with the convenience of on account billing.When

How do I check and change mobile plans with Slingshot Mobile?

Changing mobile plans with Slingshot is super easy! You have a few options open to you. Visit to purchase an add-onCall *888#

How long does it take to join Slingshot mobile?

Once you sign up for Slingshot mobile we'll start the process straight away. We will post you out your new SIM to the broadband address you gave on

How do I set up call waiting on my mobile?

Most phones support call waiting and you can set this up yourself on your mobile. For assistance setting up call waiting up on your mobile please refer to

How do I block a number from sending me TXT messages?

Some handsets allow you to block certain numbers from texting your phone. You can check whether this facility is available in your mobile's

My phone has been stolen/lost, what should I do?

First of all, give us a call on 0800 89 2027 and we will organise to have your old SIM card blocked so no calls, texts, or Internet surfing can be used on

I'm roaming and my phone has been blocked. What can I do?

There are no reasons why we would block your mobile while you are roaming overseas. The most likely cause of your service not working is that you have run

How do I know what mobile plan I'm currently on?

The easiest way to check your current plan is to log on to your mobile account at 

How do I set-up a toll bar on my mobile?

The great thing about Slingshot mobile is that there are no overage charges for calling! If you use all of the included NZ and AUS calling minutes in your

Mobile phone security tips

Is there much risk using my mobile phone? There can be risk with using your mobile phone if you're not careful. Not only is there the well-known

How do I set up caller diversion on my mobile?

Most phones support call diversion and you can set this up yourself on your mobile. For assistance setting up caller diversion up on your mobile please

How can I see my mobile bill?

Your mobile usage and plan details are available online 24/7 through our online self-service system at will also be able to

Does it cost to ring Slingshot's call centre from my mobile?

No it doesn't! Give us a call on 0800 89 2027 - it's free!  

How much is texting on Slingshot Mobile?

All Slingshot mobile plans come with an unlimited amount of NZ text messages. There are some special services text services that are not included in the

How much does mobile data cost on Slingshot Mobile?

All Slingshot mobile plans have a base amount of NZ roll over data. Once this data has been used for the month, you will need to purchase a data top-up

How can I find out where my SIM card is and when I can expect to receive it?

Your SIM card will usually take between 1 and 3 working days to be delivered to you. Once it has been dispatched we will send you an email to notify you

Does it cost to receive a call or a text message when I'm overseas?

Receiving a text message on global roaming is free but receiving a phone call on global roaming will cost both you and the person calling you. For these

Can I put a PIN on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can set your mobile phone up with a PIN. For assistance doing this, please refer to your mobile's instruction manual as the instructions will

Can I disable mobile data on Slingshot Mobile?

Yes, you can do this in the settings section of your device. It is important to note that if you completely disable the 3G or 4G ability of your device,

Can I buy two mobile add-ons in one month?

Absolutely! If you have used all of the included minutes or data in your base plan, you can continue to top-up additional data or calling add-ons to suit

Will there be any downtime that my mobile won't work when I move to Slingshot mobile?

All new Slingshot SIM cards come pre-loaded with your new number and plan details from the start. Once the SIM is activated, by dialing 6886 (or using

I have Unlimited texts with Slingshot Mobile, but I've been charged for a text message.

There might be a few different reasons for that you've been charged for a text message against your Cash Allowance when you have unlimited text

I've been charged more than $0.20 for a text message

Sending a text message to any network in New Zealand should be included in your plan. There are however some exceptions. Here are some common reasons that

Does it cost to receive a text message?

Not for most texts (e.g. from an actual person). The only text messages that you will be charged for receiving are those that contain a product/service

Can I make an international call from my mobile?

In order to make international calls from your Slingshot mobile you will need to purchase the $15 Cash Allowance add-on. This add-on is a one off charge

Mobile Account History Key

You can track your data usage, minutes, and SMS messages used on your Slingshot Mobile account by logging in to and clicking

How do I personalise the names for each of my mobiles for my invoice?

The names associated to each mobile will be set up when you join Slingshot. If you wish to change the names give us a ring on 0800 89 2027. Please note

I can't get online or make a call from my mobile.

There are a few different reasons that you might be having an issue getting online or making calls on your mobile: You have run out of included Data or NZ

Can I use directory 018 with Slingshot Mobile?

Yes you can! This service is available with Slingshot mobile. 018 directory charges will require Cash Allowance.  

I find it hard to hear the other person when I make/receive calls from my mobile.

A common problem is having the speaker volume on your phone too low. You might be able to fix the problem simply by turning up the volume on your mobile.