Slingshot Prepay Mobile FAQ

Am I on the latest version of Slingshot’s mobile plans?
Slingshot released a new range of prepay plans on September 14th 2015 that everyone who signed up to Slingshot mobile after this date will be on. 
You will have access to and need to top-up your calling minutes and data. 
If you signed up to mobile before this date and would like to change to a newer Slingshot mobile plan, then please call our helpdesk on 0800 89 2000. 
I have been charged twice for my pre-pay plan on the same invoice. Why?
This can be a little complicated to explain, so bear with us.
Essentially Slingshot mobile is charged every 30 days. Slingshot broadband is charged each calendar month.
So, once a year, you can end up with two mobile bills in a calendar month, one at the very start, and one at the very end of the month.
You have still only been charged once every 30 days however.
Make sense? We hope so.
I can’t purchase any more top-ups or complete a plan change. Why?
All Slingshot mobile plans have a hidden monthly top-up limit imposed on them to ensure that customers cannot be surprised by large mobile bills. 
The limit is set to a value that no customer should reach through reasonable use, but if you complete a large number of plan-changes or add-on top ups for a month you may find that you are unable to make any more purchases through the various self-serve options.
If this happens and you need to continue topping up, just give our friendly support staff a call on 0800 89 2000 and they will be able to increase your limit for that month and maybe even help you change to a more suitable plan.
What happens when I use the included minutes or data in my mobile plan?
If you use more minutes or data than you have included in your Slingshot mobile plan, then you will need to purchase a top-up add-on to continue using these for that month. Alternatively you can wait until your base mobile plan renews at the end of its 30 day period.
We have two add-ons available:
  1. $12 – 500MB NZ data add-on
    • Unused data from this add-on expires after 30 days
  2. $7 - 50 NZ and AUS calling minutes add-on
    • Unused minutes from this add-on expire after 30 days
How does my carry over data work?
All Slingshot mobile plans utilise carry over data. What this means is if you don’t use all of the included data in your monthly plan, it will carry over to the next month. 
Carry over data is given first priority on your usage; therefore you’ll not start using your current month’s data until any remaining data from previous months has been used. Carry over data from each monthly plan period is valid for 12 months before it expires.
Are any mobile services unavailable on Slingshot mobile?
Most text and calling services will be available to Slingshot mobile customers; however there are a few exceptions to this. 0900 and Txt to Park services are unavailable on Slingshot prepay mobile. 
How do I port my existing mobile number to my Slingshot mobile?
Once you have received your new Slingshot SIM, you can start the process of porting your existing mobile phone number to Slingshot. To complete this you need to activate your SIM by calling 6886 and then register at
Once you are logged in to the self-service portal you can select the Port Your Number option at the top of the page and fill out the information required. You may need to contact your current mobile service provider if you do not have all the information at hand.
Once you have submitted the application we will review the details and begin the porting process. This should take 2 – 4 business days to complete.
How do I activate my Slingshot SIM card?
All Slingshot SIM cards come preloaded with your new Slingshot mobile number and plan details. 
In order to activate the SIM you just need to select the correct SIM size for your phone and insert into your mobile devices SIM slot. Once the SIM is in, you can call 6886 from your mobile to activate the SIM.
If you purchased the data only plan with no calling then you need you will need to insert your SIM into your data device and it will self-activate on first data usage. These details should be loaded automatically from the SIM, but if you do not already have the Slingshot Access Point details configured in your data device, then you can find these here.

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