What are the current toll rates?

Below are our current per minute rates. Press ctrl+f and type in the name of the country you're after to get there nice and fast. If you'd like a

What is a calling pack?

Slingshot offers great value calling packs for Homeline to mobiles (any network), NZ landlines, Australia, UK, USA, and 50 other overseas destinations (

Capped calling

  What is capped calling? At Slingshot we provide some of the lowest capped calling in the market. Here's an explanation of how it works: Calls

International Country Codes

In order to dial a number in another country you'll need to know that countries calling code.  Please also note that you'll need to dial 00 (

What are the peak and off-peak toll rates for Slingshot?

One of the great things about Slingshot Tolls is that there is just one low rate for toll calls - no peak/off-peak here! Visit our website to

0900, collect calls and 018 directory assistance calls

Can I make 0900, accept collect calls and 018 directory assistance calls with Slingshot? Yes you can! Charges for these calls will simply appear on your

How can I tell if my toll calls are with Slingshot?

How can I tell if my toll calls are with Slingshot? To check if you're on direct dial with Slingshot, you can dial the following test number. This

Big Mouth 3 Calling Destinations

IconPlease note that this calling pack is no longer available. Below is a list of the destinations covered under the Big Mouth 3 calling pack.

What is your Cheap Talk toll calling plan?

IconPlease note that this tolls plan is no longer available. Cheap Talk was a plan that offered some of the best rates in the market for loads of

4 reasons to join Slingshot tolls

  Same phone numberYour phone number won't change - it'll remain exactly the same.One billThe ease of one bill for everything with a

Why is my computer causing toll calls on my phone line?

This can happen if you use dial-up to connect to the Internet. When you first set up your connection, you create a dialler. This dialler is the program

How long does it take to get set up with a tolls plan?

It takes up to 5 days to connect your toll calling service with Slingshot. If you're eager to know when your tolls are with us, you can dial the

What do I do if I'm having difficulties making toll calls with Slingshot on direct dial tolls?

If you suspect you may be experiencing a fault with your toll calling, please follow the steps below and collect as much information as possible before

Are there any reasons why I won't be able to dial direct through Slingshot?

Yes, there are some Spark services that may prevent calls from coming through Slingshot. This can include the following: A Spark toll barSpark call

When can I use my calling pack?

You can start using your calling pack when your tolls have been connected with Slingshot. This usually takes between 3 - 5 days. To check if your tolls