Logging in to your NetComm modem/router

These instructions are different if you are using a non-Slingshot supplied modem. You'll need to ensure that your home network is correctly

Slingshot broadband speed test

Does Slingshot have a broadband speed test? Our speed test is the most accurate way to measure the performance of your Slingshot broadband. We encourage

My land line phone is not working

The testing for a faulty phone connection is very similar to what you would do for a faulty broadband connection. The first thing you'll want to do is

I forgot my password!

If you've forgotten your Slingshot password for My Account, this is the article for you!   Click the "Forgot your password" button at

Wireless setup for NB604N

First of all, log in to your router. Once you've logged in to your router, click on the Wireless link in the left-hand navigation menu.

I've forgotten my username and/or Slingshot email address

We like to keep things simple, so your username is a part of your main Slingshot email address. For example, if your email address with Slingshot is 

How to enable/disable the WAN firewall for your NetComm router

To change the WAN firewall for your NetComm router, follow these easy steps. First, you'll need to login to your NetComm router.Once you're

Running the Diagnostic app

This application will currently work for Vista, Windows 7 SP1, Window 8 & Windows 10 providing the C++ Redistributable 2010 pack has been installed on

Family Filter FAQs

What is Family Filter?  Family Filter provides a non-intrusive first line of defence for your home against the more unsavoury corners of the internet.

Isolation testing

I have been told I need to perform an isolation test - what is it?   What is isolation testing?An isolation test is a very important troubleshooting

How to manually set your router's DNS

To change the DNS for your NetComm router, follow these easy steps. First, you'll need to login to your NetComm router.Once you're logged in,

How to save your files from

1. Download and install Filezilla The first thing you'll need to do is download Filezilla, and you can do so on the following page: http://filezilla-

What can I do about gaming and/or latency issues?

If you are having problems with latency of your connection, or issues with online gaming please perform the following tests so you can provide us with the

What can I do if I am having difficultly accessing websites, or with downloading?

This is a home broadband test if you are having problems accessing websites and/or downloading. This will help us see if there are networking issues on

What if I decide not to take up Slingshot Wiring Insurance, what is the call out fee for a technician?

There is no "call-out fee" as such if you don't have Wiring Insurance. However, you may be subject to charges from the technician. These

What availability and support does Slingshot offer for USB modems?

If your Slingshot-supplied modem has a USB port, it is used for external hard-drives only, and not for a USB connection between the router and your PC.

How do I stay safe online?

There’s a range of nasties out there and we want to make sure our customers stay safe online. Slingshot have our own product called Family Filter to

How to check for installed firewalls and spyware

Why do I need to check for firewalls and spyware?If you have an active Internet connection but still cannot browse any websites or send/receive any emails,

I've just updated my website but I can't see any changes.

Firstly, try pressing Ctrl F5 to force a refresh. If that doesn't work then place the below code on your site - this will instruct no caching: <

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files on your computer that are generally created by your web browsing. Websites can create and store a cookie on your computer to