Family Filter FAQs

  • What is Family Filter?


Family Filter provides a non-intrusive first line of defence for your home against the more unsavoury corners of the internet.

When Family Filter is ON it protects your family against:

  • R16+ sites, pornography, and nudity
  • Known hacked or infected websites
  • Dating, drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco sites
  • Websites about hacking, dark web, and other illegal activity
  • Suicide and self-harm sites


Please note: We cannot guarantee that we block 100% of the above content, but we try our best, and block the vast majority.

You can toggle Family Filter on or off as you see fit in My Slingshot.


  • How does Family Filter work?

When Family Filter is on, sites, video and images will be filtered from any browser connected to your internet connection, including phones and tablets connected via Wi-Fi.

All filtering is done in our network so you don’t have to load any software on your devices.


  • How do I turn Family Filter ON?

Go to My Slingshot and Click on Family Filter.  You will be asked to “Subscribe to Family Filter”, currently we are offering “12 months Free Family Filter”, once this offer expires you will be charged $5 per month.

You will be able to turn Family Filter ON and OFF in My Slingshot.  Unsubscribing to the service will remove the service completely.


  • What does Family Filter cost?

Family Filter is $5 per month, currently we are offering “12 months Free Family Filter”.  Subscribe to the service by going to My Slingshot and clicking Family Filter.


  • Will Family Filter slow my internet connection down?

No, Family Filter will not interfere with your internet speeds.  We use intelligent firewalls with sufficient throughput to ensure your internet speed is unaffected.


  • Do I still need Anti-Virus software if Family Filter is turned ON?

Yes, we recommend all devices have up to date security software installed.  


  • Can I get alerted if someone at my house tries to access blocked content?

Family Filter is anonymous and we do not provide any reporting facilities on blocked content unfortunately.


  • Does Family Filter work with VPN/DNS products (i.e Unblock Us) or sites?

These internet services are not supported with our Family Filter product.

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