Ultra-Fast Broadband

Do I need a new modem/router for Ultra-Fibre?

When you have Ultra-Fibre installed at your property, your Local Fibre Company (LFC) will install a device called an Optical 

Ultra Fast Fibre: SIP settings for home phone

We've included here the settings you'll need to set up your phone line on your Fibre modem. [Please note] you'll need to give our tech guys a

Fibre Frequently asked questions

    Why get fibre? Anyone who wants great, reliable, future-proofed broadband should be jumping on the fibre bandwagon. Fibre isn’t just

What is Ultra-Fibre?

Ultra-Fibre is broadband with a twist! Previously, broadband in New Zealand has been mostly supplied over a copper-wire connection. Fibre instead uses

Ultra-Fast Broadband

Slingshot has just launched Ultra-Fast Broadband - and there are two options available! These options are: Ultra-VDSLUltra-FibreWe've

I need "consents" to get my Fibre going, what does that mean?

If you've signed up for Fibre Broadband and you live in a right of way/shared driveway or apartment complex your local fibre carrier will need the

How much does Slingshot Ultra-Fibre cost?

An up-to-date pricing for Slingshot Ultra-Fibre can be found on the Slingshot website.  

How do I get Ultra-Fibre

I want Ultra-Fibre! If you're interested in connecting to our Ultra-Fibre service, you can apply through our website after performing an address

Where is Ultra-Fibre available?

Can I get Slingshot Ultra-Fibre?   The easiest way to check if Ultra-Fibre is available in your area is to check the Slingshot Ultra-Fast

Do I need to be home for the installation of Ultra-Fibre?

Because installing Ultra-Fibre requires a lot of physical work done at your property, yes you will need to be present for the length of the installation.

Why do I want Ultra-Fibre?

What are the benefits to having Slingshot's Ultra-Fibre?   Ultra-Fibre provides the absolute best in consistency of speeds to your home. This