What is Ultra-Fibre?

Ultra-Fibre is broadband with a twist! Previously, broadband in New Zealand has been mostly supplied over a copper-wire connection. Fibre instead uses fibre optic cables - tiny glass tubes with the data being transferred via light. This means that you have more available bandwidth, and in many cases, a faster connection. All the copper lines in your home will still stay there, they just won't be used anymore!

Fibre has a different set of requirements to copper-based broadband, and the biggest restriction is location. The New Zealand government has a long-term plan to get fibre access to 75% of New Zealand by the end of 2019, and has given access to multiple companies across New Zealand to lay the fibre network. The fibre network is rapidly growing, and once the local fibre company has laid fibre on your street, you may be eligible for Ultra-Fibre!

What does Fibre offer?

Ultra-Fibre offers an increase in both download and upload speeds, and a much more consistent Internet experience at your home. You should be able to have multiple devices and computers all connected to the Internet without experiencing the slow-down that can happen on ADSL/ADSL2+.


What speeds can I expect on Fibre?

The fastest plan on Slingshot's Ultra-Fibre has a theoretical maximum speed of 700-900Mbps download and 500 Mbps upload (these speeds may be affected by your home network setup and individual computer's network cards). We have other options available for customers that do not require such a quick connection as well, with maximum speeds of 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload. Of course, these speeds are the maximum, and not average speed. To get a better idea on what speeds to expect, how to get the most out of your Fibre, and how to avoid getting Broadbangry, check out our helpful video below!



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