Do I need a new modem/router for Ultra-Fibre?

When you have Ultra-Fibre installed at your property, your Local Fibre Company (LFC) will install a device called an Optical Network Terminal (or, ONT) on the inside of your house. This device is part of the install and becomes the new demarcation point (which is where the LFCs responsibility ends). The ONT is what establishes your connection to the Ultra-Fast network - think of it like a modem.

After the ONT, you will need a router to provide a wireless network and/or wired (ethernet) network. This device is generally called a Residential GateWay, and Slingshot will provide you with a modem and anything else you need to get up and running, you will only need to pay for postage & handling.

In the unlikely event that you decide to leave Slingshot, you will have to return the Slingshot modem to us.

The Slingshot-supplied Gateway is called the NF4V and you can view the user manual here.


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