How do I set up my Fritzbox

How to login

Make sure your ONT is plugged into the LAN 1 port.

Open up a web browser and in the ‘Address’ field type in
a. NOTE: When logging in for the first time you will be prompted to go through a short setup wizard. Select your preferred language and New Zealand as your region. The router will now restart. This may take a few minutes.
b. Once the FritzBox has restarted it will prompt you to enter a password for accessing the user interface. Ensure you choose a password that is secure (a combination of upper and lower case letters, with numbers and symbols) but easy to remember. This password does not need to be the same as your Broadband connection.
When prompted enter the new password to access the interface menu. Once logged into the interface a Welcome Wizard will attempt to take you through the setup of your router. Our systems are super smart, so our network will already configure your router for access to the internet, meaning you can cancel out of this setup wizard by clicking Cancel and then Exit Wizard on the prompt that pops up.
This will log you into the Fritzbox: as shown on the next page.  We recommend that you don't change any of these settings to ensure a smooth experience.
How to setup the wireless
Wireless is on by default on the fritzbox but you might want to go through and set up your own network name and password.
If you wish to leave the default wireless name the password can be found on the bottom of the modem.

This is quite a long key so you can change it from inside the Fritzbox interface as outlined below.

Changing the wireless info

To change the SSID (the name of the wireless network) when logged into the Fritzbox click on WLAN (Wireless LAN) on the left-hand side then enter the new name you would like to use and click the apply button at the bottom of the page.

To change the Wireless password click on the WLAN then Security option on the left hand side menu.  Type a new Network key as you would like to use.
Click apply at the bottom of the page.

How do we factory reset it?

There is no Reset hole on the Fritzbox. If you need to factory reset for any reason, plug a handset into FON1 port. Press the following sequence of keys #991*15901590* • Press the dial button, wait for the sequence to finish then hang up. The modem will now load the factory settings
You shouldn't need to manually configure your connection settings (although you will need to set your wireless up again) as our systems will push these settings to your modem automatically.

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