Gigantic Fibre FAQ

What is Gigantic Broadband?

Slingshot Gigantic Fibre Broadband is the fastest speed we can offer. It’s provided via our Gigabit network. So what will that mean in reality? If you do a wired speedtest, you should see 700-900Mbps down, and up to 500 up, this variance on speed will depend on the speedtest server location and capacity. Typically, the faster you go the more data you consume, so our Gigantic Fibre plan comes with unlimited data and a free standard install.


How do I get connected?

Provided you’re in a fibre capable area you can sign up directly on our website here. The installation process is the same as getting a standard fibre connection (which you can read more about here) which means that if you already have a fibre connection you can upgrade to Gigantic really easily through our MySlingshot section. Customers in Ultra Fast Fibre and Northpower areas may need to have a technician come out to install a new ONT.


Will I need a new modem?

When you sign up or upgrade we’ll arrange for NF18AC modem to come out to you. You can learn more about our modem rental process here.

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